Disconnecting and reconnecting Yubikey Nano in Windows without removal

GPG4Win on Windows 10 (and other versions of windows) has some issues handling multiple smart-cards. I had a need to virtually eject the Yubikey nano and then reconnect it again when I was done with my other Yubikey. This documentation describes how I resolved this issue.

GnuPG SSH Authentication with private key kept on Yubikey from Windows PC and PuTTY

This was a fun little project. I wanted to use GnuPG keys to authenticate to my Raspberry Pi but I wanted to store my private keys on my Yubikey. The configuration documented is using gpg4win 3.1.11 and a Raspberry Pi using OpenSSH version OpenSSH_7.4p1

Adding existing GnuPG keys+Yubikey to new MacOS client

Now that I have GnuPG keys this documentation is what I did to add them to a new (MacOS) client and configure the MacOS GnuPG client to use the authentication key with SSH authentication.

Public Keys

If you are looking for any of my public keys I will slowly start adding them to this page.