Disconnecting and reconnecting Yubikey Nano in Windows without removal

I just added a reference document on how to disconnect and then reconnect a USB device (in my case a Yubikey nano) without actually removing the device from the computer. The documentation can be found here.


I have two GnuPG smart cards that I use to store GPG authentication keys on. One is a Yubikey nano, which I keep in my device most of the time, while the other is a Yubikey 5 NFC which I keep on my physical key ring. Often I need to use the GPG keys that are on my 5 NFC but GPG4Win seems to have a real hard time with multiple smart cards plugged into the computer at the same time.

The problem I was having is that the Yubikey nano is really hard to physically remove from the PC (as designed), so when I need the keys on the 5 NFC it is preferable not to have to remove the nano. The above linked documentation describes how i got around this.

GnuPG SSH Authentication content added!

I have added two new pages, how exciting. Finally some content.

The first page is pretty self explanatory. It is just my public keys for encryption, etc. For now only my public GnuPG key is there if anyone wants to send me encrypted email. I know, boring.

But my other page is all able a fun little project I just finished. I wanted to use GnuPG keys to authenticate to my Raspberry Pi but I wanted to store my private keys on my Yubikey. Furthermore my client PC is a Windows 10PC using Putty and gpg4win. And after much frustration I did it! The configuration documented is using gpg4win 3.1.11 and a Raspberry Pi using OpenSSH.

I hope that someone else finds this useful. If you do please comment below.