GnuPG SSH Authentication content added!

I have added two new pages, how exciting. Finally some content.

The first page is pretty self explanatory. It is just my public keys for encryption, etc. For now only my public GnuPG key is there if anyone wants to send me encrypted email. I know, boring.

But my other page is all able a fun little project I just finished. I wanted to use GnuPG keys to authenticate to my Raspberry Pi but I wanted to store my private keys on my Yubikey. Furthermore my client PC is a Windows 10PC using Putty and gpg4win. And after much frustration I did it! The configuration documented is using gpg4win 3.1.11 and a Raspberry Pi using OpenSSH.

I hope that someone else finds this useful. If you do please comment below.

My First Post

Today I have decided to make this website. Over the holidays I have been tinkering a lot with Amateur Radio (D-Star), Yubikeys, Linux and home networking. This resulted in a lot of time searching the depths of the internet to find the answers to some of the issues I faced.

I have realized that I need to start documenting my hobbies. If my past is any indicator life will get in the way and it may be months or years before I come back to what I was doing. My initial plan was to document this information on my local computer, but then I decided to ‘pay it forward’ by making this site.

Today this site is empty with no documentation. It will however become my own technical resources for my hobbies as I add documentation. I hope that some others stumble upon this documentation as well and it can help you too.

I really hope that this is not my only post.